Consulate-General of the Philippines in Nagoya



NAGOYA PCG announces that all passport applicants who have not yet been scheduled for an appointment on or before 14 June 2021 are requested to apply for an appointment using the DFA’s Global On-line Appointment System (GOAS).

GOAS  will be available starting 08 May 2021 at the Nagoya PCG official website

GOAS will benefit all passport applicants by allowing them to choose the desired schedule well in advance.  For consistency, NAGOYA PCG is joining the growing number of Philippine Foreign Service Posts in Japan and around the world that are already using an on-line appointment system.

GOAS will allow NAGOYA PCG to process more applicants and in less time so that applicants will not need to spend more time than necessary in the premises.

PLEASE click Consular Services from the top center of the screen, then click Passport, then click on Book Appointment Link after having carefully read the requirements for the appropriate type of passport application, and follow the prompts accordingly.

Applicants will be able to apply as individuals or as groups.

Applicants are requested to carefully read the requirements and to prepare and bring all of the requirements on your scheduled appointment.


The Consulate-General regrets that it is unable to process the passport application of an applicant who is

  1. LATE for the appointment schedule; or 
  2. LACKS any requirements.

These applicants will have to apply for a schedule again on GOAS.


To facilitate migration to GOAS, NAGOYA PCG SHALL CEASE TO PROCESS passport applications sent by REGULAR LETTERPACK MAIL AFTER 07 MAY 2021.

To avoid any miscommunication, all passport applicants are encouraged to schedule their desired appointments using GOAS starting 08 May 2021.

For questions and inquiries, on your passport applications, please feel free to contact the Passport Division of the Consulate-General of the Philippines in Nagoya through Tel +81 (0) 52 211 8811 and/or email address:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Please Click this Link to Book an Appointment


Consulate-General of the Philippines in Nagoya

Update on the Use of the 

DFA ’s Global On-Line Application System (GOAS) for Passports

14 July 2021


Nagoya PCG wishes to provide all its passport applicants the following updates:

  • In response to the speedy filling-up of slots for the month of November 2021, slots for passport applications on GOAS have been made available for the month of December 2021.  Please visit our official website and click on Passports.
  • Passport applications sent by letterpack which arrived after 07 May 2021 will no longer be processed under Post’s old appointment system, as previously announced.  Passport applicants are requested to schedule their passport application by using GOAS.
  • All passport applicants are requested to carefully read the requirements for their application and make sure that they bring all necessary requirements on the date and time of their scheduled appointment to avoid inconvenience.
  • Nagoya PCG thanks all passport applicants for their patience and understanding during the transition from the letterpack system to GOAS.  We are coordinating closely with the Department of Foreign Affairs in Manila to address the technical issues arising from the shift to DFA-GOAS in Nagoya.
  • Nagoya PCG is also working with DFA’s technical team to make GOAS application slots available for the coming three succeeding months, with a maximum capacity of applications based on an efficient procedure-based work flow.
  • For any inquiries, please contact the Consulate-General’s Passport Team through email address:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Para sa inyong kaalaman, ang  Schedule of Consular Fees na nasa ibaba ang aming sinusunod.