All passport applicants are requested to carefully read the requirements for their application and make sure that they bring all necessary requirements on the date and time of their scheduled appointment to avoid inconvenience.

  1. Schedule passport appointment via the Book Appointment Link.

  2. Personal Appearance.

  3. Print-Out of online passport application form.
  4. Original passport and one (1) copy of passport data page.

  5. Processing Fee of 8,400 Japanese Yen (cash only).

  6. Original copy of PSA birth certificate.

  7. For married women, original copy of PSA marriage certificate.

  8. Original and copy of a Philippine-issued government ID with a picture, such as driver's license, voter's ID, Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC) ID, NBI clearance, etc.

  9. Self-addressed envelope (nagagata 3) with 575 yen stamps (yubin kite). On said envelope, the name of the applicant MUST BE WRITTEN IN ROMAJI, and do not forget to write your contact number.